Student Art Work Samples
Multisensory Lesson Plan
By: Allison Dowling

Title of Lesson: Altered Pages/Poem Painting Collages

Grade Level: 6th Grade Art

Objective(s): The students will create a mixed media collage that utilizes altering and changing pages from used books, magazines, and hand made marbled paper. 2.) Students will focus on how to create a cohesive design using found words, pictures, and watercolor paint that narrates a specific theme.

Time: five: 45 minute sessions

Activity Description
Using boxes of discarded library books and magazines the students get up out of their seat to dig through the boxes and find their materials. Once they have picked a few books or magazines to work with that student will go back to their seat and begin flipping through the pages and collecting images and text. The students must pick a theme to make their collage on. Once they have picked the theme the students can neatly rip any pages out of the books or magazines.
The students will pick a theme that they find important to them. I share my example on bees. My father was a bee keeper and I used his old bee keeper books as a way to record the memory of him. I felt strongly that I needed to put my childhood memories of him into this collage. It is a way to record feelings, emotions and memories. They are eager to pick a theme that relates to them. This is also a total hands-on project. They collect, cut, paint, glue, and design their collage. The term “Altered” collage comes from changing the pages. They must change all the pages or clippings they find for the sake of copyright laws.
In each of the collages students are required to include some form of text. The text could be a title, a paragraph, or letters cut together to build words. I show the students a demonstration on “Poem Painting”. This is where you take a paragraph and a pen and outline or circle the words to form new sentences or phrases. The other words that are not circled or wanted get painted out. You paint out the other words to form a “poem painting”. To get the words you want it helps to say the words out loud to yourself while reading it. The words can be funny or sound weird. There are always a lot of examples being blurted out in class. Saying the words helps to make the new phrase.
This is a visual Arts project. The students design a collage to be appealing to the eye and flow. They chose a theme and then find photos, illustrations, or articles about the theme. Then they arrange all of the visual elements together to form a flowing “Altered Page Collage”. The final product should be a visual depiction of that theme. I show the students how to do this through demonstrations, pictures of other examples, my own personal examples and a visual PowerPoint. This is a visual learner’s treat!

Reflection: Art has special populations all the time. I make sure that there is an understanding with each student and help out when there is not. If the student is having a hard time picking a theme for the project I suggest themes until they like one. If they can not find materials from the books and magazines I will print out materials for them. This project can be tweaked and interrupted in many different ways. There is no right or wrong answer. This works out very will for special population students.